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Let him use his expertise in your case

Domestic violence is a sensitive subject

Come to Panzarella Law Firm to have your case handled with care. Domestic violence is a tricky subject. You need experienced legal representation to have the best chance at fighting your charges. Panzarella will give you that chance by vigorously fighting for you.

Are any of these your problem?

•   Divorce

•   Child custody & visitation

•   Child support

•   Paternity testing

•   Grandparents rights and visitation


Let him be on your side through these tricky times.

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Panzarella is here for you. Domestic violence can be a tough charge to deal with. Panzarella will effectively defend your case to make sure you are not wrongfully convicted.


Is this your first brush with the law?

You may be inexperienced with the legal system, but Panzarella isn't. He has 26 years of experience in criminal and personal injury law. You're in good hands if you have Panzarella as your legal counsel.

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